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Aphard specs and models.


Alphard and and Estima have the same wheel base about 2900mm.
While the 2nd gen Alphard/Vellfire stretch the wheelbase to 2950mm.

Top spec for estima is Estima G.
Estima slightly better in FC than Alphard due to less weigh and better Coefficient Drag (Cd) due to sleeker design vs boxier Alphard.
But alphard 2.4 still consider as very economical for full-size MPV.

Alphard 2.4 full spec 2005-2008:

-DVD MP3 MD Bluetooth HDD 30Gb
-2 LCD
-2 sunroof
-2 power doors
-2 vacuum doors
-Parking sensors
-F&R parking cameras
-Orange-wood panels
-Beige interior color
-Beige Fabric Seats
-Alcantara leather seats (alcantara version)
-Curtains (manual)
-AFS HID lights
-16" wheels
-No bodykit
-Side mirror turning signals

-DVD MP3 MD Bluetooth HDD 30Gb
-2 LCD
-2 sunroof
-2 power doors
-2 vacuum doors
-Parking sensors
-F&R parking cameras
-Black wood panels
-Black interior color
-Black Fabric Seats
-Alcantara leather seats (alcantara version)
-Curtains (manual)
-AFS HID lights
-17" wheels
-Side mirror turning signals

Special trim: AS-G with Orange wood panel and beige interior.
"Prime Selection II" trim for AS-G Alphard G
"Premium selection II" trim for AS-G Alphard V

facelift model from Month 5 2005 must have my spec in its top spec.
Because AS-G also have grades. Lowest grade ASG only have 1 LCD and 2 power doors.
Lower than that is basic AS with single CD, power/not power doors

Give me the size of the wheel and what color is the wood panel.
If 16" AX, 17" AS.
If wood panel is red, the it's AX, if Black then it's AS.

Basic model like AX AXL MX AS MS dont came with VSC. Top end models AS-G MS-G MZ and MZ-G equiped with VSC.
ALL models come with ABS.
HID (AFS HID) not Include in most AX AXL MX. But include in AS AS-G MS MZ and MZ-G.
Just look inside the front headlight, if it has a round projector like lamp then it's HID and it can tilt left and right according to steering (only function above 10km/h).

Alphard 2.4 has two model AX and AS

AX is basic model for alphard, no leather seats, no sunroof, no camera, no sensors, single CD Headunit no MP3, no bodykit, grey-beige interior, orange wood panels, no curtain, 4speed AT, 16" wheels, power doors, rear end mirror.

AX-L is upgrade model from AX, Mainly it has DVD touch screen, HID frontlight, some has camera, some has power doors . The rest is the same as AX.
You can add them as Optional.
All AX n AX-L are 8 seaters.

AS is the sport version of alphard. HID, Black interior, Blackwood panel, Bodykit, 17" wheels, 7/8seaters, no leather seats, no sunroof, no camera, no sensors, single CD Headunit no MP3, no curtain, 4speed AT, power doors. no curtain.

AS-G is upgrade model from AS, It has DVD touchscreen, Roofmount LCD, Dual sunroof, Leather seats, Sensors, cameras, HID with AFS, power doors and curtains. 7/8 seaters. 17" wheels.
AS-G is not refer to type G.
Type G or Type V is just about front grill. Type G all chrome, type V grill color same as body color.

All Models above has no power door for rear bagage door.

If you buy MZ-G, the curtain must be electric one, not manual, 3 power door, cruise control, ABS, EBD, AFS HID, 2 LCD DVD, leather seat, mini table in 2nd row if 7 seater, sonar, camera, airbag, side airbag, 5 speed auto, VSC, TRC, footrest if 7 seater, 2 sunroof, electric driver seat, comfort-sport suspention control (TEMS), 16 inch wheel, no bodykit, FC 6km/l - 8.9km/l - 9.1km/l.

2nd semester of 2005 its the beginning of the facelift Alphard. Month 5 exactly. Just look the headlamp, the facelift has many square reflector inside (the old one is round), taillight have 2 white line for turn signal (old one have 1 white line).
The new one have little side mirror in the front left side.

In the interior, look the center AC ventilations in the dash. New one has vertical lines!!!!!!!!!! old one has horizontal line. Wood panel in the old one is red wood, in the new one is yellow orange wood(AX AXL MX MZ MZG). The black wood is the same(AS ASG MS MSG)

Now came out new Version of 2007 Alphard AS and MS.

It's called AS MS "Prime Selection"

The different is in the interior, AS MS "Prime Selection" wear 2 tone Black over Beige interior instead Black over Grey. Orange Wood panel instead Black wood panel, Beige seats instead black.

It combines the sporty appearance and luxury interior.

O6 and O7 alphard dont have any difference in the MAIN line-ups. AX AX-L MX MX-L MZ MZ-G with Royal Yellow wood panel, no bodykit, 16" wheel. AS AS-G MS MS-G with Black wood panel, bodykit, 17" wheel. ALphard Hybrid with Black wood panel, 16" wheel.

But now Toyota offers special edition Alphard AS/MS 'Prime Selection' on CUSTOM line-up, like i mentioned before. Body of AS/MS with bodykit and 17"wheel, interior with Royal Yellow wood panel instead of black wood panel. Seat with Alcantara leather.
Actually it is the 2nd editon of 'Prime Selection' The ist is for 2002-2005 models.

AS/MS 'Prime selection' is include in Custom Alphard model originally from Toyota along with
Alphard MZ-G Royal Lounge (2005- model),
Alphard Alcantara package (2002- model),
Alphard AS/MS custom (2005- model)
Alphard Wild Sport(2002-2005 model),
Alphard AS/MS 'Prime Selection'(2002-2005 model),
Alphard AS/MS Sporty package II (2002-2005 model),
Alphard AX/MX/MZ Sporty package (2002-2005 model).

The 18" wheels are Aftermarket Wheels.

Yes, MZG has cooler box and seat heater.

Entry level Alphard is AX 2.4.

MZG offers spacious space more than estima, and it is one rank above estima. So the price is also high.

Estima 3.5 full spec has similar features like the MZG puls auto parking. The price similar to MZG since it's has new 3.5 engine and new gearbox.

Resale value :
AS and AS-G have better resale value, since the look is sportier.
Second is AX-L.

The different pre-facelift alphard 2002-2005 and facelift alphard 2005-2008
-Body kit
-Front headlight (Projectors + AFS)
-Rear lamp (More reflctors and 2 white stripe turn signals)
-Add small mirror in front
-Silver frame NAVI system
-3 angle front camera
-Vertical AC vents
-Orange wood panel and Blackwood panel(really2 black)

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